Great Tips to Increase Your Ferret’s Lifespan

Great Tips to Increase Your Ferret’s Lifespan

In case you are unaware, your favorite ferret pet lives as long as eight years, there are some who have even survived up to 12 years. Of course, all of us want our furry pet to live the longest time possible. So here are some great tips on how you can improve your ferret’s health and lengthen your ferret’s lifespan.

1. Feed him a proper balance diet – Providing him a well-balanced diet is very easy, you just have to remember and practice it regularly. The only thing that some people do is to neglect and forget these things some times. You have to remember that ferrets are very different from other pets. There are times that what is best to some pets is not the best for your ferret.

Provide good nutrients to your pet ferret by giving him foods with 35% protein, 20% fat and 3% fiber (or even less than that). Ferrets are carnivorous animals so you have to increase their intake of protein foods. Their diet should be high in fat and low in fiber. To make sure that he will have a longer ferret lifespan, provide him enough vitamin supplements like A, D and E. These vitamins are very important in maintaining his metabolism. Vitamin C is also essential in order to prevent him from scurvy. Offer him clean and fresh water, and make sure that his water bottle is always full.

2. Excellent Living Conditions – It is much better if you could offer your pet big cages, in order for him to be comfortable. You have to provide essential accessories inside his cage such as a box for his litters. Also make sure that the door to his cage is low to allow him easy access to it. He must also have a water bottle, dish water, blankets, linoleum and a food container. Toys are very important too, just choose the safe ones. Ferrets love to hide in dark areas so you have to provide a dark place in their cage where they can hide for privacy. These dark areas should have some nest where they can snuggle comfortably.

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External conditions are as important as the internal condition, so you have to place their cage in the coolest place of the house, especially during summer time. It is much better if you could place them in an air-conditioned area but they will be alright in a well-ventilated room as well. Always remember that your furry pet is sensitive to heat and are very prone to heat stroke if you leave them unattended in a warm place for a long time.

You also have to keep in mind that ferrets are active and full of energy so they have to use their energy all the time and they might not able to use it when they are kept in their cage for long. You have to take them out from time to time and play with them. Keeping them in a cage might get them bored, and affect their health. They might get sick and die. Make sure that their living area is in proper sanitation to keep them healthy and safe.

3. Regular check-ups – To ensure that your pet will attain a longer ferret lifespan, you have to get him all the necessary vaccines to prevent dangerous diseases. Regular check-ups to his veterinarian are also important to ensure his good health. Find the best veterinarian for him by asking referrals from your friends or relatives. You could also use the internet for your search.