Did She Miss the Litter Box Again?

Did She Miss the Litter Box Again?

Is “Oops, she did it again…” the new kitty pop song playing over and over in your head? When a cat develops disdain for and avoids the litter box he’s frequented in the past, you might want to consult your pet’s veterinarian.

A new habit like missing the litter box could be attributed to health issues like urinary tract infections, gastritis, or even cancer. Or your cat may be suffering from environmental stress. Moving to a new house, bringing a newborn baby home or introducing a second pet could be stress-inducing events for your cat whose selected protest involves that kitty toilet.

If you have ignored the litter box’s upkeep, your cat may very well ignore it too, choosing to use your shining clean bathtub or your nice, quiet bedroom closet. Think about how you’d feel about your own toilet if it were only flushed every few days. Ewwww. That’s precisely your kitty’s reaction too.

Cats are meticulously clean creatures, and they prefer a tidy quiet place to take care of their toilet needs. If you don’t provide it, they will find their own creative special place.

If you have a second cat, you might want to consider a second box for kitty litter. Make sure that your pet’s litter box is placed in a quiet, cat-friendly location away from the main traffic of your home. A bedroom or bathroom would work well as long as the cat has easy access and isn’t accidentally shut out from her necessary room.

Missing the litter box isn’t vengeful on your pet’s part and may signal a problem your vet can pinpoint. Book an appointment today and consult with your vet about your pet’s changed behavior. Your observations combined with the experience of the vets can provide the solution your cat needs.

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