Common Health Problems For Cats

Common Health Problems For Cats

Owning a cat, you must be prepared for any health problems that may arise. Among common cat health problems we have a multitude of minor inconveniences up to dangerous or life-threatening accident and conditions. It is our duty as an owner to always check if our pet is healthy. If we notice a lack of appetite, constipation or strange behavior we must assume that our cat is sick and may need care.

How do we recognize if our cat is sick? As an owner, you can certainly see changes in your cat’s behavior or demeanor that is not normal for your feline. Some signs that your cat may be sick include lethargy, poor appetite, unusual itching, a dull coat, failure to groom after a meal, vomiting, hiding, problems with the litter box, elimination in strange locations, increased water intake, and noticing a third eyelid from the corner of the eye while your feline is awake.

Of course, this is not a complete checklist, and in the case of your cat you may notice other strange behaviors, because all cats are different. If you are a new cat owner, it’ll be a good idea to become more educated on basic cat health as it will not only help you act quickly in case of illness, but will improve the quality of your cat’s life.

If you feel something is not right with your cat, a visit to a veterinarian is a must. A doctor will help you diagnose problems that your cat is suffering from and will know how severe the problem is. They will also know the proper treatment for your cats health problem.

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Some of the more common cat health problems you may see include fleas, hairballs, plant poisoning, various infections and viruses, and parasites including worms. In addition to these problems our cat may also be the victim of other health issues just like other animals and ourselves. They can suffer from indigestion, urinary infections, skin conditions, vitamin deficiencies and a wide range of other problems. They may also suffer injury from accident.

As a cat owner we must be prepared to address these issues by being knowledgeable and taking the proper steps as early as possible.