Adopt a Kitten and Save a Life

Adopt a Kitten and Save a Life

If you are thinking of adding a pet as a member of your family and you want that pet to be a kitten. You should consider adopting a cat from your local animal shelter. Many animal shelters all over the country are overburdened with a constant influx of new stray cats and kittens that are being caught each and every day.

Life in an animal shelter is not a lot of fun. These kittens are cared for enough to keep them alive. They spend their days alone in a small cage with minimal exercise. The worst part about cats being left in animal shelters with no one to adopt them is that there just isn’t enough room for all of them. When a cat has been at the shelter for a prolonged period of time without being adopted they are put down. This is something that can’t be helped as there just isn’t enough room or supplies to house such a large number of animals.

Many times kittens are adopted from families who have cats that have become impregnated. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with taking a kitten from a neighbor or friends litter. On the other hand, these kittens usually have no trouble finding a home and even if the pet owner is unable to find a home for all of the kittens, they will care for them themselves. Kittens that are caught by animal control and live in a shelter are not as fortunate.

One of the best things you can do if you are looking to make a cat or kitten part of your family is to adopt them and essentially save their life. Many shelters will provide neutering or spaying and the cats vaccinations free of charge once you have chosen to adopt them. So make the right decision and save the live of a deserving cat or kitten.

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