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You Can Find a Limitless Source of Pet Shop Advice at Pet Business World

We at pet business world offer world-class pet shop advice that will be extremely helpful if you want to open your own pet shop. Since opening a pet shop can be a really rewarding experience, you will certainly want to open it in a way that you make huge profits from it. Several decisions will have to be taken before you decide to set up your own shop. The first thing you will require is handling licensing and city ordinance matters. You will need advice on selecting the livestock, ordering the wracks for them, keeping them in suitable conditions, preparing for the emergency situations, and the adequate food for the various varieties of the pets. We at Pet business world have seasoned professionals who specialize in providing such vital information and pet shop advice that will be helpful in not just setting up your shop but also for making it highly successful. Our experts are familiar with the British council laws for keeping the pets; whereas our website lists details about various pet suppliers from where you can buy the pets at really reasonable rates. Register with us and seek our professional services for a successful establishment of pet business.

Where to go for the best source of pet shop advice?

If you want to make your pet shop business a huge success, you certainly need a professional advice for setting up a pet shop. You should be aware that you would first need a pet shop license that will be issued by a local authority. Various points that you must know for obtaining a license include the requisite accommodation of the pets, appropriate age at which the animals will be sold, adequate food supply for the pets, precautions taken to protect the animals form any kind of infectious diseases, as well as adequate preparation to face any kind of emergency. If any of the above conditions are not met, it will be difficult for you to obtain the license. Not all the portals will be able to provide you with such comprehensive pool of standard information. Many of the pet suppliers will simply inundate you and coax you to buy their products, rather than offering you some good piece of advice. So which is the trusted source for seeking valuable advice? We, at pet business world, are pool house of information required for setting up a pet industry. We will provide you with the most recent and the invaluable pet shop advice that will be targeted towards catering to your niche market.…

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5 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon cats are one of the oldest and largest breeds in North America. With stories and myths about its origins and other characteristics, you may have read things about this breed that are untrue. Here are five questions frequently asked about this domestic cat.

1. How big can they get? Maine Coons generally weigh between 9 to 18 pounds. The adult female weighs between 9 and 12 pounds, while the male typically weighs between 13 to 18 pounds. They are not fully mature until 3 to 5 years of age. When you consider another 2 to 3 inches of their long coats, it’s not a surprise they look even bigger.

2. How much grooming do they need? With their bushy tail and long hair hind-quarters you might think they’d need a lot of grooming. Their coat naturally falls smoothly, and they do not need much grooming from their owners. A weekly grooming will keep their coats in healthy condition.

3. Do they have six toes? History shows that original Coon cats may have had extra toes (a trait called polydactyls meaning extra fingers or toes). Some think that this may have been a dominant in this breed to help them adapt to harsh weather conditions. This trait had almost vanished in Coons, as cat shows automatically disqualify any cats with this characteristic. Generally, these cats are not polydactyls.

4. Aren’t they all brown in color? Many people think that Maine Coons are only brown; however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. They come in a wide combination of colors and patterns. The only exception is they don’t come pointed, like the Siamese.

5. How can I tell if my cat is a Maine Coon? Your cat may have similar characteristics to the Maine Coon cat, which is a native, long hair cat. Since this breed adapted to Maine’s harsh, winter climate, it has large paws, a bushy tail, and a muscular body. The Maine Coon is a natural breed and hasn’t been bred to extremes. It is often compared to the Norwegian Forest Cat, which evolved in a similar type climate. But looking for similarities will not give you a definitive answer. The only way you can tell if your cat is a true Maine Coon is to look at the cat’s pedigree.…

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Does a Black Cat Bring Bad Luck?

Does a Black Cat Bring Bad Luck?

I thought I would share my views on a black cat bringing bad luck. This cat has always been portrayed as a mysterious animal. Due to it’s reputation as a bad omen, the cat has a lesser chance of being adopted at an animal shelter.

The cat has black fur but is not of any particular breed of cat. The black fur can be found in a male or female. Some of these cats have white markings on their face and paws. It does not matter if it is a mixed breed or pure breed, the black fur will still prevail.

Since the 1880’s, the color black was associated with anarchism and this cat became a symbol of that political movement. The cat symbolized the idea of sabotage. The symbol was used to influence managers of companies when there were labor disagreements. Sometimes the employee(s) would put the cat in a manager’s office as a reminder of the dispute.

In the western world, a black cat is suppose to bring bad luck. If this cat crosses someone’s path, bad luck will follow. This belief started with the Pilgrims. The cat was associated with a witch. Any person seen with this cat might have been considered a witch and associated with the devil. If a witch was caught, both the witch and the cat would be burned at the stake. Every Halloween, you can still see images of witches and black cats.

There are many other tales of how this cat brought bad luck. When King Charles I’s cat died, he was accused of high treason. In ancient times, this cat in front of a fireplace symbolized an evil spirit and could see ghosts. If a farmer thought his land was cursed, he could shoot this cat with a silver bullet and remove the curse.

On the other hand, there are instances when a black cat was considered to bring good luck. The Egyptians worshiped this cat and banned it from being killed. Sailors believed this cat would bring them good luck. In the British Isles and France, owning a black cat brings good luck.

These cats have been portrayed in movies and literature for many years. Edgar Allen Poe wrote a short story titled The Black Cat. The Black Cat was a 1934 horror film starring Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff. The Aristocats, an animated Disney movie, featured Berlioz, a black male cat, as one of it’s main characters. The movie, Bell, Book and Candle starring Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak, featured witches with black cats. On the TV series, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, there was a black cat named Salem Saberhagen.

Who is to tell who is right? I have been lucky so far. When you see a black cat, remember it’s only a cat unless it is with a witch on a broomstick.…

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Cat Aggression – Is There Too Much Biting and Scratching

Cat Aggression – Is There Too Much Biting and Scratching

Sometimes your cat is not the sweet little pet that cuddles. She seems at times to get moody and lapse into scratching or even biting. First of all, cats and kittens can be playful and some pouncing is normal. Crouching and staying in a fixed pose is often a sign that your cat is about to pounce. Try to not surprise your cat by doing something unexpected. This can cause a pouncing response. Also look at whether you play too aggressively with your pet and may be sending a mixed signal to her.

Many people notice that when being pet on the belly a cat will try to bite your hands. Also sometimes cats will try to bite their owner’s hand when they’ve been pet for too long a period of time and wish it to discontinue. Each cat has it’s own personality and preferences so it’s hard to make a specific rule to follow. However, you can observer certain signals such as the ears moving back and forth or tail moving in a twitching motion.

We often speak about how someone can come home from work after being yelled at by their boss and then

end up being blunt with their wife or kids. Well, cats too can react this way after having a bad experience with another cat or even human. If a cat has a fight with another cat outside, when it returns home it may still feel aggressive and turn it towards a family member. Keep your eyes open and watch your cat’s posture and demeanor.

Keep in mind that punishment is not advised by experts towards cats. They report that this can increase aggression because if cats are fearful they can react with biting and scratching due to defensiveness. Your vet or an animal specialist can help you with an ongoing problem of aggression. It is always important to be sure your cat is in sound medical condition as health problems can cause erratic behavior as can an improper diet.…

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The Basics of Adopting a Kitten – Feeding, Vaccinating and More

The Basics of Adopting a Kitten – Feeding, Vaccinating and More

Adopting a kitten is exciting, but it comes with several responsibilities. Before you adopt one, you must understand the basics of feeding, medications, grooming, training, exercise and sleep.


There are several types of food you can try with your kitten; it may like some, but not others. It is beneficial to feed him food in a variety of flavors, smells and textures. Depending on its age, the amount it needs to be fed each day varies. For example, a kitten 2-3 months old should eat 4 times a day, but a kitten 6-12 months old typically only needs to eat twice a day. It is also important to provide them with plenty of water. If you suspect there may be something wrong with your cat’s eating habits, a veterinarian will assist you in caring for your kitten. You may also want to consider a.


You should vaccinate your kitten against certain diseases fairly early in their life. Most cats need to be vaccinated for rhinotracheitis (feline herpes), calici virus and panleukopenia (feline parvovirus). Depending on some other factors, there may be more vaccinations that your kitten needs and can be determined by a veterinarian. All cats should be prescribed with a heartworm medication-this is especially important for felines that live in heartworm areas. It is also important to provide your cat with a flea prevention treatment monthly; there are a number of treatments that can be purchased at the vet or over the counter that will assist you with that.


One aspect of life that most kittens absolutely do not enjoy is grooming. That is why it’s beneficial to start early and to make grooming fun. Be gentle while still removing hair to decrease hairball formation. Cats also need to have their teeth brushed every day; however, there are special feline toothpastes that should be used instead of human toothpaste. Check your cat’s ears at least once a week to ensure that there are no infections. Not all cats need regular bathing, but if it is something you feel is necessary, be sure to use an appropriate shampoo that is gentle and protects the kitten’s skin.


Training kittens is not difficult if you have patience and use the right tactics. Make sure you reinforce good behavior with praise and treats. Litter box training is the most common training procedure with cats, but it really isn’t that hard of a process. Try to buy a fine-grained, clumping litter, absent of perfume. Make sure you keep it sanitary by cleaning the box daily and washing it weekly. It may be helpful to provide your cat with a scratching post so it does not scratch your furniture or other important items.


Kittens need exercise, just like we do! This isn’t hard because they are very playful most of the time. Try to play with your feline for frequent, short periods so you don’t rid too much of his energy. Also, toys are helpful especially ones that can be chewed as they are beneficial for teething.


Sleep is the final factor your need to think about before buying a kitten. They are most likely going to sleep a lot because they are growing. For example, and 8-week old kitten may need 20 hours of sleep where as a 12-month old kitten may need 12-14 hours. Make sure to provide your kitten with a comfortable sleeping area that may include a bed, towels or anything else to keep them comfortable.

Again, adopting a kitten is fun but it comes with several responsibilities that must be considered. If you have questions, talk to a veterinarian and they will steer you the right way!…

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Adopt a Kitten and Save a Life

Adopt a Kitten and Save a Life

If you are thinking of adding a pet as a member of your family and you want that pet to be a kitten. You should consider adopting a cat from your local animal shelter. Many animal shelters all over the country are overburdened with a constant influx of new stray cats and kittens that are being caught each and every day.

Life in an animal shelter is not a lot of fun. These kittens are cared for enough to keep them alive. They spend their days alone in a small cage with minimal exercise. The worst part about cats being left in animal shelters with no one to adopt them is that there just isn’t enough room for all of them. When a cat has been at the shelter for a prolonged period of time without being adopted they are put down. This is something that can’t be helped as there just isn’t enough room or supplies to house such a large number of animals.

Many times kittens are adopted from families who have cats that have become impregnated. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with taking a kitten from a neighbor or friends litter. On the other hand, these kittens usually have no trouble finding a home and even if the pet owner is unable to find a home for all of the kittens, they will care for them themselves. Kittens that are caught by animal control and live in a shelter are not as fortunate.

One of the best things you can do if you are looking to make a cat or kitten part of your family is to adopt them and essentially save their life. Many shelters will provide neutering or spaying and the cats vaccinations free of charge once you have chosen to adopt them. So make the right decision and save the live of a deserving cat or kitten.…

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Treating a Kitten Urinary Tract Infection Quickly and Naturally

Treating a Kitten Urinary Tract Infection Quickly and Naturally

Kitten urinary tract infection can be a very troubling problem for the obvious reason that kittens are so small and their still developing systems are so fragile. Anything which disrupts the regular function of their system, then, can become a real threat if not properly addressed. This is particularly true of urinary conditions.

Because urinary tract infections can easily develop into life threatening blockages, it is important to get any kitten UT problem properly diagnosed as quickly as possible. If your kitten is exhibiting any of the common symptoms of UTI such as frequent urges to urinate, difficulty or pain while urinating or blood in the urine, you should get it to the vet immediately.

Once your vet has determined the presence of a kitten urinary tract infection, he can suggest the steps to take for treatment. Traditionally, that has involved the use of antibiotics to control the infection, however some pet owners shy away from this treatment as antibiotics can have serious side effects. Fortunately, there are other treatment options available including 100% natural remedies.

Formulated by trained homeopaths, natural remedies take treatment to the next level by not only treating symptoms but also promoting good overall urinary tract health in order to prevent recurrence. And because they are all natural, these products carry no side effects, making them the safe alternative for treating a kitten UT problem.

Using a combination of herbs such as Berberis vulgaris, Staphysagris and Cantharis, natural remedies work to strengthen the immune system and encourage proper urine flow. This not only eases the symptoms of kitten urinary tract infection but also addresses their underlying cause to help improve urinary tract health.

There are other steps you can take as a concerned pet owner to help prevent the occurrence of a kitten UT problem. Primary among them is providing your pet with a healthy, chemical free diet. Additives and other chemicals in commercial pet foods can weaken the immune system, leaving your pet open to bacterial infection.

Water is also vitally important to preventing kitten urinary tract infection as it helps to flush toxins out of the body. Make sure that your cat has continual access to a clean water supply and if necessary, add extra water or chicken broth to their food to help increase their fluid intake. Also make sure that they have access to a clean litter box at all times to encourage proper urination habits.

As a kitten, your pet is at its most vulnerable and this is when it needs you to step up and make sure it gets all the protection and care it needs. Don’t let urinary tract infection become an issue for your kitten, use nature’s gentle touch to help ease symptoms and get him on the right path to good health.…